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At Saving Families Children Adult Services, every member of our Team is guided by our core values and we are wholly committed to providing you with the best care right at home.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of children and adults through compassionate and comprehensive home healthcare and group home support. We aim to create a haven of growth, healing, and happiness, ensuring that every person we serve experiences the warmth of care, both through our home healthcare services and within our group home.


We envision a future where people of all ages can receive the highest quality medical, therapeutic, and emotional support within the comforting setting of homes. By establishing new standards in care excellence, we aim to positively impact countless lives and contribute to a healthier, more inclusive society.


By embodying our mission and pursuing our vision we are diligently working toward our goals.


  1. Person-Centered Care: Tailor home healthcare and group home services to cater to the unique needs of children, youth, and adults, promoting their holistic well-being.

  2. Excellence in Services: Maintain the highest standards of care in both home healthcare and group home settings, ensuring safety and well-being for all.

  3. Comprehensive Support: Offer specialized medical, therapeutic, and emotional services to address diverse needs across age groups.

  4. Family Engagement: Forge strong partnerships with families, integrating them into care planning for enhanced outcomes.

  5. Innovation & Accessibility: Embrace innovation and technology to improve care delivery in homes and group homes, ensuring accessibility for all.

  6. Community Collaboration: Collaborate with local stakeholders to build a holistic network of care encompassing healthcare, education, and community support.

  7. Empowered Team: Cultivate a supportive environment for professionals, fostering growth and ensuring top-tier care provision.

  8. Ethical Approach: Uphold ethical standards in both home healthcare and group home environments, respecting individual dignity and autonomy.

  9. Continuous Improvement: Adapt and refine services based on feedback, striving to meet evolving needs in both home and group settings.

  10. Advocacy & Impact: Champion the significance of home healthcare and group home support, raising awareness for better accessibility and outcomes.

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