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Pediatric Care

Saving Families provides a full range of Pediatric Services. Contact Us for a Consultation.

Managing your child’s complex health needs can feel challenging when you are all alone. By hiring our private duty nursing team, you have the ability to keep your child safe and comfortable at home. We offer your child the highest quality of care to improve outcomes and find more balance for yourself and your family while your child thrives at home.

Child at the Pediatrician

Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

If your child is between the ages of 0 and 21 and has been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, pediatric private duty nursing (PDM) may be the right service for you. PDM provides support with your child’s medical care, family education, advocacy, and support focused on helping your child feel healthier, happier, and more comfortable. Our highly skilled team of nurses and social workers empowers your child with a medically complex condition or technological dependence to live a better life at home.


Saving Families works with caregivers, LPNs, and RNs who specialize in the care of children, from newborns to teenagers. In addition to providing nursing care, our highly skilled pediatric team is trained in treating and communicating with children in a way they can understand, bringing a necessary level of comfort to a difficult situation. Pediatric private-duty nursing care can be vital to your child’s well-being, healing, and recovery.


Saving Families also offers professional nursing support for a child with a medically complex condition in the school environment. Our Pediatric nursing services ensure that one-on-one support is available for medical and personal care needs, helping children to feel more confident and reach their full potential.

Pediatric Nursing Services Provided:

  • Managing Medications and Monitoring Vitals

  • Support and education for Family Caregivers

  • Increased potential for normalcy and independence

  • High-Tech Nursing Care throughout the entire school day

  • Working with Parents and the School Team to support an effective IEP

  • Assisting the Child with classroom activities

  • Accommodating the Child on field trips and other social events

Pediatric Respite Care Services

Respite care offers breaks to primary caregivers so they can maintain a sense of balance in their lives. While the parent is away, their medically fragile child is professionally cared for by a compassionate and skilled nurse, helping to manage their medical and personal care needs.

  • Support with medically complex healthcare needs and ADLs

  • Opportunities for the Child to bond with another trusted adult

You need to be able to trust the person caring for your child. With Saving Families, you will be assured of getting an experienced professional with a compassionate manner.

Well Child Care

Many parents know the joy and freedom of having an extra set of hands to help with their children. Whether you are a new parent or need a hand with the flock, our professional caregiver, qualified to care for children and infants, may just save the day.

​Parents are often concerned with whom to trust for temporary care for their children. Our skilled caregivers specialize in childcare for all ages, have passed our screening process, and have extensive training and compassionate personalities, making them well-suited for childcare. You know you can trust the care of your child to a professional caregiver working with us.

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